Some friends (John & Jon) and I rode our bikes to Colorado Bend State Park to Camp, John had a touring bike w/ panniers but Jon and I had to back pack it, 120 miles there, no biggie just had to keep it minimal. We had a tail wind there and only took 7.5 hours of ride time to get there, but we stopped to eat and drink along the way a few times. We got there, setup tents and fell asleep early. Rose with the sun the next day and went hiking/exploring the park. it was exceptionaly beautiful, I’ve never seen such beauty in Texas, everything was so green, Gorman Falls was incredible, and the little swimming hole we found was perfect. The next day we pace lined it back to the Austin homeland, started off in the rain on gravel roads which slowed (and cooled) us down, but the rains passed and we had a tailwind the entire way home, again! Wouldn’t be an epic trip w/o a little rain thrown in the mix.

Good times

Here’s some pics, in no particular order